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“Junior” Kimbrough was born David Kimbrough in Hudsonville, Mississippi on July 28th, 1930. Junior was self-taught, learning to play guitar by listening to the records of Delta bluesmen. He was also influenced by his neighbor, bluesman Mississippi Fred McDowell. Kimbrough cut his first single, “Tramp” in 1968. He cut a few other singles including “Keep Your Hands Off Her” and “All Night Long.” He was mostly a regional player, sticking to juke joints throughout Mississippi. In the late 1980’s music journalist Robert Palmer stumbled upon Kimbrough and featured him in his 1991 movie, Deep Blues. The exposure from the film led to Kimbrough getting signed to a national label, Fat Possum. He released his first full length album entitled All Night Long for Fat Possum in 1992. All Night Long was critically acclaimed by blues and mainstream publications, and led to some touring in Europe. His second full album Sad Days, Lonely Nights was released in 1993. His final album, released in 1997 was Most Things Haven’t Worked Out.” Kimbrough’s style of blues is described as hypnotic and repetitive with rough-edged driving phrases and riffs rooted in the juke style of blues. He has been cited as influencing rockabilly pioneer Charlie Feathers. Beginning around 1992, Kimbrough operated a juke joint known as "Junior’s Place" in Chulahoma, Mississippi. Kimbrough was a friend of fellow bluesman R.L. Burnside, the two occasionally collaborated on music projects. Junior Kimbrough died in 1998, at the age of 67, from a heart attack following a stroke. He is survived by his claimed 36 children.  Charlie Feathers called Kimbrough “the beginning and end of all music.” This is written on Kimbrough’s tombstone outside his family’s church, the Kimbrough Chapel Missionary Baptist Church near Holly Springs. (Sources: The Encyclopedia of Jazz & Blues by Keith Shadwick, All Music Guide to The Blues article by Bill Dahl & Stephen Thomas Erlewine, and Wikipedia.)

[Watch & Listen to Junior Kimbrough perform “All Night Long”]

[Watch & Listen to Junior Kimbrough perform “Sad Days, Lonely Nights”]

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